Re: what r u DOING?

Peter Passaro (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 00:01:22 -0500

Mostly I'm just content to lurk on the list and pick up the juicy tidbits that appear on emerging technologies from time to time. There are certain people whose posts I always read and others I immediately trash. I try and answer questions that are within my domain of understanding when they arise. I've asked questions on the list before, but very rarely get a satisfying answer. I'm just interested in the practical realities of how to make these technologies work and not about Joe Blow's opinion about the possible future ramifications (I can get that much more effectively from good SF). I have recently escaped academia because of a frustration with the pace at which research proceeds in the ivory tower and I'm sick of endless discussion about topics with no data.

As Eliezer said:

>As for the projects that need doing - why bother? Is there anyone here
>with the money and the will to fund a project that needs doing? If so,
>I haven't seen it. I haven't seen any sort of practical, intelligent
>discussion on this list, or discussion of business issues, which is why
>I haven't brought up those questions. I certainly don't need anyone
>else's permission to work on those projects I feel need doing, and since
>it doesn't seem likely that I'll get any help, why ask?
Well put.
Those of us who are actually doing something don't waste any time in contacting those we need to talk to, and mostly we don't want to discuss our projects with the kooks who fade in and out of the list. I know I'm not particularly talkative unless I value the person's opinion who I'm talking to.

As for exciting you David (Gobel), I am currently: assembling a database of anti-aging research publications for eventual web publication; reading every book published on anti-aging diets, plans, hormones, supplements, etc.; making as many contacts in the biotech industry as I can; reengineering my body through diet, exercise, and supplements; and finally, learning how to make lots of money to support my nasty habit of wanting to change the world through technology. There are a couple of other interesting developments here which hopefully will come to fruition within within the year which I will share with the list when they're more than half-baked.

If you want pratical discussion, I believe Max More has already set up a vehicle for discussion through the NodeNet. I would be more than happy to have an intelligent discussion about anti-aging research or molecular biology, but alas, people who give good brain are so are hard to find. In the end though, few and far between as they may be, I still find the best gems of interest here first. Great post though David, this place needs a wake up call every so often to find what is REALLY happening out there.

Peter Passaro