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Tue, 23 Mar 1999 22:34:38 -0600

[ Replies disputing my ultimate goals: Change the subject line to "X: What should be done". Your own list of things to do: Insert your own last name. If nobody could get started on *each* project you list
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Concrete: The primary thing that needs doing, ASAPractical, is a foundation intended to turn the design in "Coding a Transhuman AI" into code. A few $M in seed money could create a foundation with a fairly respectable front, that could hire (1) me (and/or a few other competents) to finish the design and start turning it into something codeable, or more likely spend the next two years creating infrastructure; (2) someone to go around asking the major Silicon Tycoons for funding; (3) an OpenSource website to recruit the Manhattan-Project-like number of programmers needed.

Immediate: I'd like to see someone sponsor a Singularitarian site, containing a mailing list and a site that would be restricted, and for immediate choices only rather than ideology, where business issues could be discussed and personal finances revealed. The List of Singularitarians. If nobody volunteers the space needed by Sunday, I'll create the restricted mailing list at OneList.

Business: I believe we do have some high-financial-percentile folks reading this list. I would like to see you post, ANONYMOUSLY, a list of what you're interested in funding (Business ideas from Extropians? Extropian business ideas? Foundations?); what order-of-magnitude you're thinking about committing to each; topics you'd like to see discussion of; and so on. This prevents you from being inundated with moronic personal solicitations. Pick your favorite trustworthy Extropian to act as remailer.

General: I'd like to see a general Singularity Foundation, along the lines of the Extropy Institute, to do things like: Coordinate the
"singularitarian" list mentioned above; provide a target for donations;
and (if it got the funding) move up to things like awards, events, or even investing.

Possibilities: Seek out reporters who have too-small pieces of the truth and enlighten them. (I don't know of any case of this succeeding, although I did wind up providing the name for Ashley Dunn's "Mind and Machine" column.)

Out: The neurohacking stuff will be prohibited by the FDA. It's out as a practical project, good only for personal publicity if I can verify the hypothesis with an fMRI. Nanotechnology is all too practical. Airline tickets and hotel fare to buttonhole the guys at Zyvex and scream at them for a while about the warlike nature of humanity might be worth doing.

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