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> There is no accepted glossary or dictionary reference for the Constitution, as
> far as I know the interpretation of definitions is a combination of
> interpretation of the "Framer's Intent" and common law court precedents. I
> believe the Framers were quite logical, inclusive, and procedural in their works,
> and the Constitution and Bill of Rights with Amendments are fine works.
> I believe if the Author's of the Constitution and other revolutionary credos of
> the day were here with us today, their paramount concern would be the freedom of
> expression and privacy rights, considering that we as Americans have stumbled
> though several centuries somewhat successfully maintaining Democracy, and the
> longest running continuous Democracy.
> Ross A. Finlayson


The preceding statement made by me has several errors. The word "though" should be "through" and the word "Author's" should be "Authors." I don't normally publicly correct grammatical or spelling errors that I have made. In this case, I felt like correcting myself.

One nice thing about people is that we have a certain built-in fault tolerance and recovery ability. This allows us to read and garner meaning from expressions and statements that might foil a rigorous automated grammar checker.

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