what r u DOING?

david gobel (davegobel@erols.com)
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 13:19:07 -0500

This list frustrates me. It feels like the sailors on the admiral's flagship discussing geopolitics in the mess. Good ideas, but the Admiral makes all the calls, and he NEVER goes to the enlisted man's mess.

Yesterday, someone said that we can't be elitist and get anywhere. I agree. In 1991 I cofounded Knowledge Adventure with the EXPRESS purposes of trying to move the bell curve to the right for everyone, and to gradually undermine the soviet gulag we call the educational system today. Knowledge Adventure succeeded, and is now a big company inexorably eroding the labor/educational complex from below. www.knowledgeadventure.com

In 1994 I founded Worlds Inc. with the express purposes of eliminating borders, barriers to "physical presence". This was too early an effort, but will happen when >=256k bandwidth become appx 10% of the US installed base. www.activeworlds.com and www.worlds.com

Also in 1994, designed hands free speech reco canteen sized full mutimedia PC with head's up display (Mentis currently available at http://www.teltronics.com/is/mentis.html

In 1995 I worked with Stephen Spielberg to start the Starbright Pediatric network. We secured all the partners, developed the technology/software, and operated a 3d virtual world so that hospital bound kids could "go out and play" even though they have cancer/severe immune deficiency/paraplegia etc. http://www.starbright.org/press/sbw_nov8.html

Currently I'm working on AI based softbotic program trading, softbotic accounting/tax management www.obvioussoft.com , wireless telepresence and other stuff I can't talk about yet.

In my first post I suggested that this group needs to create a dictionary. A dictionary is essentially a meme fixator/transmitter. It can be done collaboratively, and eventually PUBLISHED. It could be "contributed" by the list members to the foundation, thus perhaps providing seed money to get this immobile vehicle off the blocks and onto the street. What happened to the idea? Nothing...so...i'm trying again.

Here's an idea...once Geron, Alteon, et al get their age regression, and others get their intelligence booster genes designed, why don't we reengineer fleas and mosquitos so that they will deliver these genes whereby the lifespan and intelligence curves can be moved rightward in exactly the locations/population vectors where these solutions are most needed? No cost...total benefit. Instead of catching malaria, bubonic plague, you'd catch brains and life. Billions of free inoculations for all.

by the way, I am well aware that this is "crazy".

So...what have you DONE...or are ACTUALLY DOING - to move the curves to the right?! Please excite me!

p.s. sorry if I pissed some of you off...not my intention...