Re: Tainted quote
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 05:21:45 -0800 (PST)

joe dees [] wrote:
>believe that judicial action should be taken against the Ruby Ridge sniper,

They tried. The Feds took jurisdiction and then decided there was no case. What further course of action is there available to that maniac's victims, other than violence? I'm not saying that violence would be justified, just pointing out that when the government declares itself above the law, it's asking for a violent response from those who have no other recourse.

>but in the case of Davis Koresh, he wes malignantly evil and his followers
>were brainless and sick sheep, handing their children over to be molested.
>That bigamous pederast "preacher" and his flock just did a Jim Jones with >flaming koolaid.

You do, of course, have some evidence to back up these claims? No, I thought not.

Have you ever seen 'Waco: Rules of Engagement'? If not, I really suggest you watch it, because you can't begin to understand why there is so much outright hatred of the Federal government until you have... The federal agents involved in that massacre were truly malignantly evil and extremely sick; through accident or design these maniacs burnt down a church full of women and children. Doesn't that horrify you? Do you think the Founders of the United States would just sit back and watch while federal agents burnt down a church because the people inside might have some fully-automatic weapons that they hadn't paid a tax on?

And, BTW, where exactly did you get the idea that the BATF and FBI have any jurisdiction in child abuse cases? Cases which had been investigated by the Texas authorities and proven false? 'Protecting the children' is the last refuge of the authoritarian scumbag, except when they're Iraqi children, in which case they have to die in order to save us from Saddam Hussein.