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joe dees wrote:

> The few crazed people who perpetrated this act of domestic jihad are no more to be honored by the title of "dissident insurgency group" than were Bob Mathews and his group (actually calling themselves "The Order", and inspired by the same demonic Turner Diaries) who heisted banks and killed jewish personalities in the '70's and '80's.

The Order had no outright instances of outright massacres like McVeigh did with the Koresh incident. Anyone who is not sickened by what the government perpetrated there is not deserving of honor as far as I am concerned. You go on to say:

> I believe that judicial action should be taken against the Ruby Ridge sniper, but in
> the case of Davis Koresh, he wes malignantly evil and his followers were brainless
> and sick sheep, handing their children over to be molested. That bigamous
> pederast "preacher" and his flock just did a Jim Jones with flaming koolaid. And
> what nation was he defending? He hated the "Great Satan" as much as Ramzi
> Yousef did (and as much as Tim McVeigh hated what he conceives of as "ZOG").
The government has produced no evidence of child molestation of anyone under the age of consent under Texas Law. No matter how much Koresh brainwashed his people, does that justify burning them all to death? It is tantamount to a modern Salem Witch Trial, complete with a mass buring at the stake. I'm rather surprised that someone like yourself, who claims to be a Pagan, would not see the similarities. You'll find the all of the charges the government brought against Koresh, were also charges leveled at the convicted witches 300 years ago. Oh, geez, that guy is brainwashed, we'd better burn him to death.....Oh, I think that child has been abused, lets torch her up.....

It was the final raid with the tank that set the fire.

> (1) I think the pilot should have been convicted, and pilot instructors from Pensacola, Florida, the "cradle of Naval Aviation", have written to the local newspaper expressing their incomprehension and dismay at the verdict, which was an example of why the military fraternity should never be allowed to hold court over its errant frat boys. (2) The pilot did not intend to kill the people in the gondola; it was obviously a reckless hotdogging accident, whereas McVeigh meant to kill as many people as possible. (3) Twenty died in the gondola; 169 died in the federal building.

A 'reckless hotdogging accident'? Then why did Italy want to bring murder charges against the pilot instead of manslaughter or negligent homicide?

> So if I'm "overwrought" that the US has, by allowing the interstate highway system to be built and by not banning smoking and the consumption of alcohol, directly contributed to the deaths of millions, I can legitimately bomb the BATF and the Transportation Dep't.?

Sins of omission are not in the same league as sins of commission....

> The original Mad Bomber waged a war against Con Edison for effronteries to his frangible sense of outrage, Ramsi Yousef feels the very existence of the US to be a fatwa-deserving affront to Holy Islam, and Theodore Kaczynski believes that computers specifically, and technology generally, are a cancer devouring the collective soul of Homo Sapiens. These last two now share the seme prison as McVeigh, and they ALL belong there.

Ramsi Yousef is a foreigner and was attacking civilian populations. Like McVeigh, he attacked at a time of day to impose maximum civilian casualties. An obvious war crime if it were treated as an act of war. Moreover, I never said that McVeigh did not deserve punishment for what he did. I specifically said he deserves to hang, but not for the act of bombing itself, but for bombing WHEN he did, at a time when there was maximum civilian use of the facility.

> This matches perfectly the M.O. of neonazi atrocity and accompanying propaganda: (1) do a terrible thing costing many lives, and (2) claim that the victims did it to themselves to engender sympathy. Blame the jews for the ovens, the short dress for the rape, the blacks for slavery, and the government for ALL terrorist attacks, whether committed by or against them.

Look more to Nazi atrocities: staging events and blaming them on the Jews, just as the government manipulates what the media publishes and broadcasts in order to implicate those people it wants to oppress. Look at the Jewell incident. He was the security guard who discovered the bomb at the Atlanta Olympic games, and cleared the area before it went off, so only one person died. Rather than finding the real bomber, the government went after Jewell, who was a fat, white, loner. The perfect patsy. Now the alleged real bomber has gotten away and is hiding in the Appalachians, being sheltered by the anti-abortion sympathizers there.

Note the similarities between how the government staged both Ruby Ridge and Waco: both incidents involved an undercover government agent selling a sawed off shotgun to the target. Those were the original crimes which justified the use of hundreds of stormtroopers, helicopters and tanks.

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