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Mon, 22 Mar 1999 19:28:57 +0100

The use of modern equipment in one's effort to stay healthy and live long as well is a large subject. There is literally so much one can do. One can spend all one's waking hours on getting healthy and end up with no time for anything else. The need for a combination of a few genial (is it apparatuses or apparati) that are not too time consuming makes itself felt.

I have chosen the making and use of colloidal silver and the use of an electromagnetic pulser and electrical blood cleaner to get rid of all the micro nasties. These things can be used whilst one gets on with daily chores. I have already begun with electrical blood cleaning and colloidal silver. I'll be collecting the magnetic pulser this week. Does any one have any comments on the use of these?

I am also considering the use of a little machine which makes ozone by the use of some sort of cold process and stores it in water. This water when ingested is supposed to free up the extra oxygen into ones blood and have lots of lovely good effects. Amongst these is the clearing of toxins from the body and increased awareness.

The apparatus is used in aquariums to keep fish healthy and help them live long. It is not allowed for human use in some countries (I am told) Has anyone tried this? I have tried a few glasses of the ozone water and felt mildly light headed after drinking. I don't know if this necessarily means that its effect is good. Has anyone experience here?


At bottom, principle is not a finished product that can be
grasped. It is invisible. The details and order of material force is
a principle that is visible. Therefore, the first time there is any
principle is when it is seen in material force. After principles
have thus been found, they of course appear to become

   ---- Wang Fu-chih, Chuan-shan i-shu, 1619-1692