Re: Tainted quote

Michael S. Lorrey (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 10:37:38 -0500

joe dees wrote:

> >"The tree of Liberty should be watered from time to time
> >with the blood of tyrants and patriots."
> > -----Thomas Jefferson
> This was once a fine quote, which has forever been tainted, sullied and spoiled by its discovery on the t-shirt of the "Turner Diaries" loving Timothy McVeigh when he was apprehended fleeing the scene of his Oklahoma City bombing, much as a fine archaic sun symbol, the swasticka, has been stained beyond recovery with the blood of six million Jews killed under its banner by Hitler's Reich.

Tim McVeighs crime was NOT that he bombed the building. Any government building is a legitimate military target for a dissident insurgency group under the Laws of War. What was his crime was in setting the bomb off when he KNEW there were people in the building who are classified by the Red Cross, the Laws of War, and by the UCMJ as non-combatants, i.e. the children in the day care center and the civilians using the government services in the building. In this context, what he did was a war crime that was not very much worse than the US Marine pilot who sliced through the cable for that gondola in Italy. The pilot had a jury biased in his favor and the backing of the government who wanted an acquittal, while Tim McVeigh had a judge who refused the defense to call witnesses which would expose the government's complicity in staging the event.

McVeigh was overwrought by the slaughter of the Koresh families by the government (for which nobody has yet been convicted, not to mention being sentenced to death), and wanted to exact eye for an eye revenge. McVeigh was a reserve NCO in the army at the time. An NCO's authority to act and give orders is only delegated to him by his commanding officer. Only a commissioned officer (or the congress that commissions the officer) has the authority to determine what is an enemy of the Constitution, 'foreign or domesitic', and McVeigh knew this.

If he in fact did have a superior in the conspiracy as he claims, who he met with at the Elohim City site (as verified by the government's own witnesses), it seems as though his superior is a West German intelligence agent who works for the FBI, according to what independent invetigators (including some in the media) have concluded. This agent matches the description and sketch of the famous John Doe #2 that the government now claims is erroneous and non-existent.

Rather than condemning individuals who thought they were defending our nation, but who have been brought to justice, how about directing your ire at a government that commits such atrocities as the Ruby Ridge ambush/standoff, and the Koresh family massacre. Why has no government agent been demoted, fired or convicted for these acts? In fact, all agents involved in these acts have been promoted and praised for their actions. Too bad Ian Goddard isn't focusing his energies on this situation. I think he'd find much more real evidence.

Mike Lorrey