Re: Nanotech has gone mainstream

Timothy Bates (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 17:25:07 +1100

> Spike Jones wrote:

>> Someone who is up on the politics of science, please
>> explain to me: why is it that as soon as one publishes any
>> proletariate level popular science book, they automatically
>> lose all credibility in the field and are shunned by their
>> fellow scientists? Or am I reading too much into the
>> aparently intentional oversight? spike

I said that this is true, but mike independently noted that

> Feynman wrote a few himself, including several not-science books,
> which included advice on picking up girls who will sleep with
> you, his preference for strip clubs to do his studying, and
> a course on picking locks and cracking safes...

Feynman also has the great asset of being dead. The anointed media like nothing more than a dead expert: no chance he will disagree with you.