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Scott Badger (
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 18:03:20 -0600

Greg Burch wrote:

>Does anyone on the list have any personal experience with use of Human
>Hormone? I'm told that this is available only by prescription (is this
>true?), but I see products which claim to be HGH "secretagogues", i.e that
>promote secretion of HGH by the body's own mechanisms. For instance:
> VesPro Life
>Sciences, LLC - Quality Products - VesPro GHS Product Info</A>
>Is there any solid science behind the claims made by the promoters of these
>I would appreciate any info on this, as my metabolism seems to have
>yet another damned slow-down, with increased sarcopenia, etc. (nothing
>radical, just the blasted aging process . . .) . . . and I can't help but
>intrigued by the claims I've seen that HGH causes regrowth of hair . . .
>(scratching my increasingly bald pate).

I'm betting you've already seen this but the Life Extension Foundation provides a number of readings on this topic at the bottom of

Here's an excerpt from that page:

"Two secretagogues are now well into clinical trials in this country. The first one developed, GHRP 6, is a growth hormone-releasing peptide being tested by Wyeth-Ayerst. It has now been tested and is remarkably free of side effects, according to its developer, Cyril Bowers, Ph.D., of Tulane Medical School in New Orleans.

The second compound, MK0577, developed by scientists at Merck, does not have a typical peptide structure and is more easily absorbable by the body than growth hormone-releasing peptides such as GHRP 6. The latest clinical trials in men and women aged 64 to 81 showed that as little as 25 mg of the drug taken once a day for two weeks raised the levels of IGF-1 from an average of 141 to 219, with the highest levels reaching a youthful 251. And it appears to be well-tolerated by elderly people. If any of these compounds are approved by the FDA, and considering the impact that growth hormone has been shown to have on almost every system of the body, aging as we know it may soon be a thing of the past."

And the price of $18.71 (member price) for a 30 day supply compared to VesPro's $90.00 price tag.

Sounds like it's worth a try to me. Let's take some before and after pictures!