Re: Gina/speaking of smoking

Gina Miller (
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 12:50:00 PST

Weird that this guy thought this, huh?

Gina Miller wrote:

I write poetry, and I am a smoker. However, I wrote previously to my addiction. I understand the ritual of oral fixation, but a talent is within. Your mother should release herself from the restraints of considering her gift interlocked with smoking. I'm sure she is talented with or without a smoke. Support her in this, let her know that she can write, because it comes from within, not from the crutch of a bad habit. Gina "Nangirl" Miller

You wrote:
>My mother, once prolific, has not written a word since she quit
>smoking. It is a well know anecdote among writers, that if you quit
>smoking, you are out of work. Sadly, it appears to be some kind of
>mental block, probably based on brain recptors. Similarly, I believe
>that there were some jazz players who couldn't improvise without a
>cigarette in the mouth.
>Does anyone know something more about this problem? Is it a promising
>area of research? Is there any way for me to help my mother, who has
>now been blocked for years, even though she hasn't touched tobacco
>over that time? I feel that she just needs proper assistance in order
>to regain her gift.
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