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Joe Jenkins (
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 09:23:54 -0800 (PST)

---Billy Brown <> wrote:
> Joe Jenkins wrote:
> > My confused office mate, who recently "gave up country music" at the
> > advice of his pastor, forwarded this tid bit in an effort to finally
> > help me see the light. My other office mate is a "sports
> > genius"....he he. My untrained eye was able to pick up about 8
> > fallacies that I don't think I could properly annotate. Is there
> > someone more competent on this list who could properly annotate the
> > fallacies or at least someone who knows of a net based atheist
> > resource that might be able to help. Where is Jeff Dee when you
> > him?
> I'm not sure the project is worth the effort. Do you think there is
> chance that he might actually listen to what you have to say? I ask
> the sort of people who would find silliness like this persuasive are
> not interested in listening to other viewpoints.
> Billy Brown, MCSE+I

I think the fact that this didn't burst my bubble may have some small effect. The actual deconstruction of the writing will only cause him to build more irrational defenses. I like to think that the more irrational defenses needed for the sole purpose of supporting a meta meme, the more vulnerable it is to collapse. There are a lot of fully indoctrinated ex-christians on this list that took the time and effort to build a self consistent rational world view. Remember the "Aha Experiences" thread? Each one of them experienced this painful buildup and collapse. So all I can offer is to force the infected subject to build up more irrational defenses with hopes that the virus will be inoculated by seeming to underestimate the host's intelligence - so to speak.

I was also planning on tracking down the author and where ever the author posted this, and forwarding the deconstuction with full credits to the one who does the work. The author needs to know that just because you can get away with these kinds of fallacies verbally to a friendly audience doesn't mean that if you put them in writing for wide distribution on the net the fallacies are so easily overlooked.

Joe Jenkins

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