RE: BASICS: Science vs. Christianity

Billy Brown (
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 08:14:18 -0600

Joe Jenkins wrote:
> My confused office mate, who recently "gave up country music" at the
> advice of his pastor, forwarded this tid bit in an effort to finally
> help me see the light. My other office mate is a "sports
> genius"....he he. My untrained eye was able to pick up about 8
> fallacies that I don't think I could properly annotate. Is there
> someone more competent on this list who could properly annotate the
> fallacies or at least someone who knows of a net based atheist
> resource that might be able to help. Where is Jeff Dee when you need
> him?

I'm not sure the project is worth the effort. Do you think there is some chance that he might actually listen to what you have to say? I ask because the sort of people who would find silliness like this persuasive are usually not interested in listening to other viewpoints.

Billy Brown, MCSE+I