has my number

Spike Jones (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 20:41:25 -0800

I ordered a few things from and they soon after started sending me advertisements which I *think* must be tuned to my tastes according to what I have purchased from them. Or did they send this ad out to everybody? Has anyone else out in the writhing amoeba heard of Neil Gershenfeld? If their ads are tuned, they sure have *my* number. {8^D spike

When Things Start to Think

                                   by Neil A. Gershenfeld

                                   A computer in your shoe? Maybe so. Neil
                                   Gershenfeld, director of MIT's Media Lab,
                                   the ranks of techno-prognosticators with
                                   Things Start to Think, and his focus is on
                                   the future of computing will fit into our
                                   realities. This sensorial focus allows
                     to explore such science fictional ideas as wearable
                     nanotech circuitry implants, as well as such concerns as
                     money, and civil rights in the new age of artificial
                     Gershenfeld provides a historical overview of the
development of
                     computers and extrapolates a world in which we will be
forced to
                     deal with things that think all the time. This can't help
but reshape
                     our society in ways we must try to imagine. You may be
                     at how far along this road we are--Gershenfeld is in
exactly the right
                     place to tell this story, and it's a whole lot of fun
(and a little scary)
                     to ride this wave with him. --Adam Fisher