Re: Who Will LIve?

den Otter (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 12:44:40 +0100

> From: Scott Badger <>

> I would like to thank all those who responded to the recent discussion
> regarding the reasonableness of endorsing the idea of cryonics. Clearly the
> majority of the respondents are pro-cryonics and believe it to be entirely
> congruent with Extropian principles.

Not only that, but IMHO being signed up is a "must" for any serious transhumanist/extropian. It shows that one doesn't just pay lip service to the philosophy, but "puts one's money where one's mouth is". A sign of commitment. Not just to transhumanism, but to reason and life itself. The only valid excuse I can think of [for not signing up] is being too poor to afford it (note that some of the cheapest suspensions come at approx. $15K).

> It sounded to me as if several of those who responded are already signed up.
> That's great. Though I've been an advocate for a bit over a year now, I am
> just now in the process of actually signing up. For me, the procrastination
> was more of a financial issue than anthing else. But I've been wondering
> how many among us are currently signed up.

Yes, so do I (and probably lots of others). How about a poll?

> If I recall correctly, one of
> the webpages at ExI was dedicated to what one could do that would be
> extropic (top ten things to do?) and one of those things was to arrange for
> one's cryonic suspension.

Perhaps you mean "Five Things You Can Do To Fight Entropy Now" by Romana Machado (there's an "enhanced" copy at An excellent essay indeed.