Re: Who Should Live?
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 03:10:37 EST

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> You have to die sometime, whether in a hundred years or a hundred billion
> years. But don't worry, historical footnotes will also disappear
> Don't blame me, I didn't make the rules. It doesn't have anything to do
> "deathism" because everbody dies no matter what they believe. Trying to
> change that parallels trying to change the laws of thermodynamics.

ha. ill outlive you if u die at all, man. and yes, i intend to prove it, though i doubt youll be around to witness...

and your "everybody dies" is far from a certainty; the only way it can be a certainty is if everybody really dies, in which case u wont be around to say "i was right."

in case nobody every told you, fallible humans made the "laws" of thermodynamics (and many other "laws") in an attempt to give process to what they percieve. in that sense, u (by ascribing some ethreal kind of absolute certainty to em) did make the laws...

u seem assume that there is no backdoor. well, we found a way to cheat gravity, and u would call that a law, right? people are always thinking about new ways to lie, cheat, steal, and otherwise get around these things we call (because we dont know how to get around em yet) laws. if there is a way to successfully pull this particular little coup off, i intend to take full advantage of it.

in the words of terry pratchet in _small gods_: "i think what we presently call laws are best rather called... guidelines."

"yes i know my enemy / there the teachers who taught me to fight me / compromise / conformity / assimilation / submission / salvation / ignorance / hypocracy / brutality / the elite / all of which are american dreams / ALL OF WHICH ARE AMERICAN DREAMS" -- rage against the machine "know your enemy"