Who Will LIve?

Scott Badger (wbadger@psyberlink.net)
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 00:17:39 -0600

I would like to thank all those who responded to the recent discussion regarding the reasonableness of endorsing the idea of cryonics. Clearly the majority of the respondents are pro-cryonics and believe it to be entirely congruent with Extropian principles.

It sounded to me as if several of those who responded are already signed up. That's great. Though I've been an advocate for a bit over a year now, I am just now in the process of actually signing up. For me, the procrastination was more of a financial issue than anthing else. But I've been wondering how many among us are currently signed up. If I recall correctly, one of the webpages at ExI was dedicated to what one could do that would be extropic (top ten things to do?) and one of those things was to arrange for one's cryonic suspension.

Cryonics has proven to be a difficult service to market for a number of reasons, many of which have been discussed on this list. The industry needs our support. How many of us support the efforts of cryonicists? How many of us are signed up? If we're not buying the product, who will? I urge all of you to do everything you can to insure that you participate in what will be an undoubtably amazing future. Take action to save your life and find out which of the many predictions offered on this list come true.

Go to the cryonic websites. Re-read their arguments. Call their representatives. Get your questions answered. If you really can't offer a good counter-argument, then do yourself a favor; quit stalling and sign up!

Thank you again,

Scott B.