Damien Broderick (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 11:44:38 +0000

At 06:00 PM 3/16/99 -0800, "Michael M. Butler" <> wrote:

>Thi's really puzzle's me, Damien. Whats you're point here, didnt you mean
>"for heavens sake"?

Thanks. :) I was worried that I might be doing nothing more amusing than getting purple in the face and shouting a lot.

>"STOP" To open door go "BACK" and press button "BEHIND" you.

Indeed. I especially delight in the local fruit vendors who universally sign-post their wares as "FRESH" and even RIPE "ORANGES". Naturally, I refuse to purchase these ersatz items, although I applaud their honesty.

Cheers, Damien