Re: The REAL Generation X

Michael S. Lorrey (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 17:29:09 -0500

Joe Jenkins wrote:

> Consider the "ultimate generation gap" - that gap between mortality
> and immortality. My best conservative guess for defining this gap is
> as follows:
> Birth Date
> <1957 "mortal generation"
> 1957 - 1967 "The real generation X" (grey/fuzzy area)
> >1967 "Immortal generation"
> note: this is for the overall population, early adaptors of technology
> and cryonics subscribers are exempt.

I am guessing that this is based on average life expectancy. Note that the current average includes people of all ages. The average life expectancy for my generation is higher than that of my parents, if just based on improved health care.

It all depends on when you expect life extension technology to become available. I'm thinking the next ten to fifteen years. We won't need nanotech to become immortal, IMHO, just good genetic engineering based health care. Come down with a flu one week, you are immortal the next. We will need nanotech to revive those cryo'ed, but those still living under retirement age today should make it, for the most part.

Mike Lorrey