Forbes Camp.

Harry S. Hawk (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 13:38:28 -0500 (EST)

I'm endorsing Steven Forbes in his bid to be the next President.

While he certainly isn't an extropian (big or little e), and there are issues that I completely disagree with him on, I feel he represents the best hope to get a Libertarian minded President (in this century or the next).

Please take the time to join my e-Precinct and get some news about the Forbes Camp. and consider voting for him.

I've committed to helping Steve Forbes become the next President of The United States, and I'm asking you to help. I'm going to to lead an e-Precinct on the Internet where we'll work together in championing Steve Forbes' message of hope, growth and opportunity for America, and in recruiting others to volunteer and contribute financially.

Please join with me. I get credit for every new member I bring to the e-Precinct. Please register at my precinct sign-up page at We have a chance to make history here as part America's first full-scale presidential campaign on the Internet. I hope you'll join us.

Again, my e-Precinct sign-up page is at

Thank you, Harry S. Hawk

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