Re: VR (yawn), AR (hmm) was Re: Sexbots??

Michael S. Lorrey (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 17:29:27 -0500

"Michael M. Butler" wrote:

> > yea, i grok the part about the lightweight and unintrusive retinal
> >projecters, but what about the wolf ear jazz? thats a new term for me... ill
> >search for stuff on it.
> Wolf Ears might be a brand name. The basic idea is to augment standard
> hearing protectors with internal speakers and external microphones, and
> connect the two with circuitry that can amplify weak sounds, if desired,
> while limiting the loudest level to (say) 85 dB.
> I've got a pair (somewhere) and they do help, but they're bulky and a
> little "dead".
> Getting good stereo imaging and front-rear disambiguation would probably
> require some more engineering & signal processing.

There are earplug/hearing aid sized ones that do just this. I know of several hunting buddies that like to use these, since they can crank the sensitivity way up to hear the deer coming, but the circuit damps down when they shoot, so they don't deafen themselves. The next thing will be to get a Mickey Mouse hat that allows long distance directional stereoscopic reception.

Mike Lorrey