Re: funky genetically-engineered chickens
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 17:50:19 EST

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> Check out a prize winning Jersey Cow...or a champion Hampshire Pig. The
> traditionaly methods of breeding are takeing animals in that direction now.

point. were basicly doin it already...

> Direct Genetic manipulation just speeds up the process...and allows for a
> whole range of options in a much shorter time..
> I see no problem

well, i see room for improvement, i think. is it good to raise chickens in cage barely bigger then they are? diseases r rampant, and pain-sensitive things are subjected to, well, lotsa pain.

but i agree in that this isnt really much of a problem. theres much bigger fish to fry then chicken farms that treat chickens like shit... and if we fry those fish right, well, raising animals will probably be, by comparison, a most inefficient method of making food.

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