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>> I mentioned to a fellow >H that if any of the advances that
>> we routinely discuss here (life extension et. al.) became
>> reality, those techniques would be made illegal. Prime
>> example: practically any performance enhancing steroids
>> are banned from sports. spike
> true, practically any; however, thats because all but a very few have very
>interisting side effects. but im sure your aware of the success of
>(boosted by mcgwire hittin 71 homers), and that has no real negitive side
>effects. at least, none that i know of...
> basicly, i think that as we work the bugs out of new techs, they will
>both legally accepted, and socially accepted (which i think is in many ways
>more important)...
>high grand arch-viceassistant to the
>sub-overpraetor, acting equal with the
>grand poohbah of the hellingbam cabal

McGwire also took a legal steroid that Sammy Sosa refused to take because he felt it was cheating. In a sense I think it is, but then, anyone with a great deal of inherent talent is also a "cheater"...