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>> US scientists have genetically-engineered chickens to grow basic "legs"
>> instead of wings.
>> Researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, took a gene
>> normally found only in chicken legs and transferred it to the forming wings
>> of chick embryos.
> for one thing, im fairly sure that this isnt particularly comfy, from the
>chickens POV. is that relevent? do chickens have rights, from an extropian
>POV? if they dont, and our desire for chicken legs causes us to grow chickens
>that are really just masses of legs, where do we stop? should we? cows that
>are really just massive mammeries would be... interisting. what about pigs
>that have asses the size of a buick? wouldnt run outa ham for a while...
> basicly, im just wondering about the lists opinion on the ethics of this, and
>indeed, if theres even grounds for a problem.

A good question, and here's my answer: when the chicken or pig or whatever, says. or communicates in any way, that it would prefer another. more "natural" bodily configuration, then this sort of activity is "immoral." Until then, as long as the animal in question keeps its snout/mouth/beak to the trough, this sort of activity is OK.

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