Re: Hiveminds and the Great Filter
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 16:28:04 EST

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> I mentioned to a fellow >H that if any of the advances that
> we routinely discuss here (life extension et. al.) became
> reality, those techniques would be made illegal. Prime
> example: practically any performance enhancing steroids
> are banned from sports. spike

true, practically any; however, thats because all but a very few have very interisting side effects. but im sure your aware of the success of creatine (boosted by mcgwire hittin 71 homers), and that has no real negitive side effects. at least, none that i know of...

basicly, i think that as we work the bugs out of new techs, they will become both legally accepted, and socially accepted (which i think is in many ways more important)...

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