Re: Sexbots

Fri, 12 Mar 1999 11:01:35 +0100

It appears as if Anders Sandberg <> wrote:
|The problem with this scenario seems to be that it assumes sexbots to
|be relatively cheap. But when you start to think about the actual
|implementation (warm, moist synthetic skin, dextrous limbs, fairly
|complex behaviors, ability to act autonomously for extended periods of
|time) it becomes clear that they will be highly complex machines that
|will be extremely expensive at first. Exactly how they will be used
|will depend on how quickly the price falls and their initial uses; if
|the image becomes that they belong to cybernetic houses of ill repute
|the home models might become less likely, keeping the price up. It is
|also unclear how much people would want to pay for a sexbot.

Some of what you can buy today appears rather life-like to me.