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Fri, 12 Mar 1999 00:17:17 EST

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> Consider extending your description: retinal painting *and* three multimode
> cameras (binocular from you, plus a face shot); and five sound
> channels--binaural to you ("headphones" based on Wolf Ear tech, but made
> failsafe), binaural(those "wolf ears" again) + close-mike from you. The
> retinal sprayers might look like Ant Man mandibles and sit over your eyes
> only as much as a classic Plantronics Starset sits over your mouth. OK so
> far?

yea, i grok the part about the lightweight and unintrusive retinal projecters, but what about the wolf ear jazz? thats a new term for me... ill search for stuff on it.

> I also want 24/7 record capability with "911"-style parallel
> playback-while-record for all channels. That's SMOPD. Ana-Digi cellphone
> with silent cuing? Naturalamente.

i agree; setting this stuff up wouldnt be a big problem. might make the whole video-phone field of ideas finally take off...

> The rest of your stuff about [not] "needing" I/O devices seems muddled to

i was saying that youd have all the i/o devices we have (and lots more/better) with our current pc setup. basicly, running and using a currently avalible os (yea, this is shooting low) would be quite doable with the retinal/headphone/mic combo, plus maybe a pointing device.

> Trackballs drift; I'd suggest a Cat trackpad.

never heard of the cat trackpad. ill look around tho.

> I consider the following to be a partial list of things that would be handy
> when I'm trying to move about in the world:
> Proximity detection fields (spare eyes & ears) so I can subcontract my
> attention if I am willing to risk it. Realtime orientation and location
> data, both center-of-mass and head tracking (twelve degrees of freedom);
> somthing that can pass for force feeback (which probably won't actually
> *be* force feedback, but can be learned by those motivated) --either
> vibratory or galvanic or both; and gestural, voice tone, vital sign and
> postural tracking and input. Many of these could possibly be based on
> video&laser technology or ubiquitous computing. Some could be built into a
> vest or shirt yoke today. Some are being prototyped for the military right
> now.

yea, ive heard rumors to that effect. got any references for me to mull?

> And there's always Morse code in extremis, and no, I'm not joking.

yup, theres always that. then there was that onehanded sign language developed a few weeks ago specificly to communicate with machines...

" / FNORD / can you read between the lines?"