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Thu, 11 Mar 1999 19:40:59 EST

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> The first phase could kick in as soon as we have simple audio-video
> surround VR (like with glasses and headphones).

i was reading an article called something like "the demise of VR" in seattle's _stranger_ the other day, and it had some very interisting stuff to say... basicly, it said that what with retinal projection system tech being so close on the horizen, the conventional wraparound goggle systems will most likely never be. the most likely setup for portables (to fit in the palmtop niche) will be a combo of headphone, microphone, and retinal projector, all built into one little unit... if u just had a cable running from that to the proccessing unit, u wouldnt really need any other input-output devices (except maybe a trackball)...

just my two cents...

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