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Thu, 11 Mar 1999 12:04:49 -0800 (PST)

---Billy Brown <> wrote:

> If you are satisfied with a cartoon-quality world and a very
> tactile interface, you'll probably have your wish within a decade.
If you
> want something that is hard to distinguish from reality, you're
going to
> have a long wait. I'm sure it will be implemented eventually, but
> robots (or androids) look far simpler to me.

But won't a realistic humanoid sexbot need to have nearly human AI in order to be convincing? At least animal AI, right? Otherwise it's just a pile of warm flesh that you thrust into (or get thrust by). I see the software of a sexbot being at least as tricky as that of my virtual sex kittens and, coupled with the hardware a hell of a lot more expensive. Without extensive AI, it'll just lay there and maybe moan. If I'm gonna dish out big bucks for a sexbot, I want a WILD woman!!

If your sexbot is a recreation of a 110 pound human female, what happens if her software goes nuts and she starts biting (at the wrong time), kicking, and generally flailing about during the heat of the moment? Possibly major injuries, costly repairs, and maybe embarassing stains on the furniture... And that's not to mention the problems the 225 lb muscle-ripping he-stud that some customers will want might cause...

If a virtual sex partner goes nuts you should just be able to disconnect with no harm done (blue screen of coitus interuptus - hee hee).

Sexbots would entail considerable maintenance (especially mostly organic ones - imagine changing it's "diapers" - ewwwww). Virtual sex partners come with no muss, no fuss.

Besides, with virtual partners one can have sex with pretty much ANYONE or hell, everyone! Virtual sex can include as many partners as can be imagined. Sexbots provide each customer with one or two partners - depending on price, maintenance, etc...

For fantasy purposes, I would think that most men would want an endless variety of partners. With a sexbot you might could have different personalities, and there's always wigs, but without major technology body shape would stay the same.

Also, virtual sex partners could use the AI of living, breathing humans remotely located. I'm sure some of the first applications will be voyeuristic views of 3D strippers and naughty lovers.

I don't think the idea of sexbots is completely without merit, but I can't see the technology maturing before we could have really inexpensive virtual sex partners.

Maybe I'm just putting too much thought into this.

Heh heh

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