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Thu, 11 Mar 1999 09:58:59 -0800 (PST)

Wouldn't virtual-reality sex partners be better? Most of today's huge porn industry (it's in the billions of dollars I believe) is completely non-tactile. You've already got millions of horny guys
(and girls) shelling out big bucks for magazines, videos, computer
games and websites - think of how much more money you could make with a simulated virtual sex-partner?

The first phase could kick in as soon as we have simple audio-video surround VR (like with glasses and headphones). Instead of watch 2 people go at on a flat tv screen, why not watch 'em go at it on your own floor! Or in your bed right next to you! Or in the tub, the neighbor's yard, wherever! The simple availability of such software could possibly be the largest driving force for moving this type of VR into the mainstream.

Phase two could include tactile simulation. Wear this suit (fitted with a "special" cod-piece) and "get some" yourself while you watch. Hell, participate in multiple-partner sex orgies! Have sex with real
(simulated) partners from around the world.

Phase three is the full body immersion VR tanks - as far as you can tell you're REALLY having sex.

Phase four - neural implants. Can you say "6 hour long orgasm?" I thought you could. So much for productive work, huh?

Virtual sex is great for lots of reasons. You can't get hurt ("Ouch! I think I pulled a muscle really bad!"). No AIDs. No pregnancy. Nothing but fun fun fun!

Sexbots? Bah. By the time we can build them VR will be far enough along to make "real world" sex seem quaint and silly.

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