Re: Re: Powerful Extropian Memes
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 15:03:47 EST

Alas, Max, the Nature Conservancy has made a practice of handing over to statist officials the title to the lands they have purchased. For that reason, I let my membership lapse. I would, however, heartily support a more enlightened organization that keeps title to wild lands and develops moneymaking recreational uses of them. One big problem: Any private park has to compete with multitudes of subsidized statist ones.

>One other way that is already being used is best exemplified by the Nature
>Conservancy. I was a member some years ago and should look into renewing
>(after checking out what they've been up to). In contrast to groups that
>look to government to force people to preserve areas of land unchanged, the
>Nature Conservancy raises money then *buys* the land and sets it aside so
>that it is not built upon. I presume this could sometimes actually bring in
>a profit to the NC, if they charged a fee for hikers, limited camping
>activities, etc.

T.0. Morrow