Re: Extropianism & Theology
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 07:27:12 EST


I think we have both delineated some possible models of the personalities of Powers. I would guess that we weigh the various probabilities of these various models differently. I suppose my goal is to strive to discover, create, and/or become post-Singularity Power(s) which have the values I have come to cherish in humanity, preferably with a minimum of the faults. You say that there is only fairness among equals? I would go even further and say that the Universe is a profoundly unfair place, even for those engaged in overall equal relationships, because I doubt that any two beings are ever completely equally matched in their advantages and disadvantages over time. Sometimes one is more powerful, sometimes the other. Now, I happen to believe that we should work to impose some degree of "fairness" upon the Universe, by which I mean some sort of consistent (though not static) set of rules for living in a society which will maximize the potential for personal growth and freedom while minimizing harm and fear thereof. Now these two are not always complementary values, thus there are many possible ideas as to what the optimum society is. Extropianism puts a premium on freedom and selfdeterminism, allowing a large amount of risk and uncertainty, but limits that freedom when it comes to those who try to take it away from others (which is a perfectly reasonable constraint in my opinion). Other systems weigh these competing values differently. Getting a little off-topic here....let's just say I agree it is easier to have a "fair" system among relative equals. I do not know that it is impossible to have a "fair" system among those of varying abilities; I can imagine a community of those of unequal levels of ability who share a similar worldview nontheless and would be willing to all live by the same code of social interaction. I would say that a system which treats everyone as equals is not realistic....what about one that treats all persons as precious, from the least puny brain to the greatest Power, of unique worth in and of itself.