Re: MEDIA: Kubrick's Death and the Demise of "AI"

E. Shaun Russell (
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 22:58:19 -0800

Doug Bailey wrote:

>I suppose this is rather selfish but when I heard of
>the death of Stanley Kubrick the first consequence that
>came to my mind was that the film entitled "AI" would
>never make it to the big screen. The rumor mill had
>dubbed "AI" has Kubrick's next effort after "Eyes Wide Shut".
>While there was (and still is) always a robust rumormill
>circulating about Kubrick, the AI rumor had particular
>substance to it. There are even indications that Kubrick
>was consorting with Lucas' ILM to bring Kubrick's vision
>to the big screen. Alas, mortality.

It truly is unfortunate. Kubrick was by far my favorite director, due to his ability to emphasize meaning beyond the confines of text and acting ability. I can only imagine the things he could have done with a movie about AIs.

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