Re: Old wars...

den Otter (
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 23:40:55 +0100

> From: Jeff Davis <>
> >Not to open a hornet's nest, but my comrades and I were certain that
> cowardice was at the root of the protester's actions.

> And this, this is the worst. No, no it's not. Two MILLION Vietnamese
> murdered; 58,000 clueless American boys murdered. Heroes all. Killed for
> profit, for the vanity of power, for bigotry, and for stupidity; that's
> worse.
> The people who, for various reasons, protested this crime, who understood
> about injustice and war, and who tried to stop it, were heroes as well; but
> more to the point, they were regular people who retained the ability to
> distinguish right from wrong, and who had the courage to act on this
> knowledge, at a time when cultural influences worked almost overwhelmingly
> against them.

Note: many (if not most) of those protesters were probably just as clueless as those boys that went to Vietnam. Kids looking for kicks, brainwashed with lots of leftist crap which has, especially in Europe, done a *lot* of damage since then. Of course, the "fascist" regimes that they protested against weren't any better, they just sucked in different ways. Ultimately they just replaced one evil with another. The idea behind the Vietnam war was sound IMO (contain communism wherever you can), though its implementation was obviously flawed.