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Tue, 9 Mar 1999 12:55:40 EST

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Someone asked about extropian relevance. I feel it has to do with personnel responsibility. I enlisted because that is what I felt was right. I have always opposed the draft and cannot figure out how it can exist in a so-called democracy.

The hypocrisy that some were forced to serve while others (based mostly on economics) were given a pass is something that should never again be permitted.

Semper Fi.

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Way to go, Brian! Correct on all counts. It's time for the silent vets to speak up and clear the air of the horseshit we've had to put up with then and ever since. Those of our generation who did their duty have gotten the biggest shaft ever (I think). I am so proud of all you guys who risked everything for an ideal and have gotten nothing but shit ever since.

Just last week I was at a party where a gray haired lady asked what the red in the American flag stood for. I answered that it stood for the blood of the brave men who died fighting for our freedom.

She acted horrified and said "I'll forgive you for that."

If she was a guy I would have been tempted to belt him, but all I could do was walk away, seething, in polite silence.

Go Navy!