Re: VIETNAM: Re Old Wars
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 12:19:00 EST

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> Someone asked about extropian relevance. I feel it has to do with
> personnel responsibility. I enlisted because that is what I felt
> was right. I have always opposed the draft and cannot figure out
> how it can exist in a so-called democracy.

I was in the AF for almost nine of those years was in South East Asia. I enlisted mostly because I had no choice. I don't think that boys of my age back then had much idea of what was right or wrong in this sense. I've always felt that there was some basic inconsistency in having a draft in a "free" society. I thought slavery was taboo.

I've since decided that slavery in NOT taboo. The civil war didn't free the merely changed ownership. Still...a free society is a nice idea....It'd be nice to see one someday.

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