Re: PHIL: Extropianism: A Philosophy Without a Foundation

Tue, 09 Mar 1999 16:34:36 +0100

It appears as if Lee Daniel Crocker <> wrote:
|Don't confuse a desire to exclude bad ideas from the Extropian
|label with a desire to exclude people. We all want more people
|to call themselves extropians, but there are two competing ways
|of achieving that: reduce the criteria for inclusion to the point
|where people find themselves included with no work, or work to
|change the minds of people to adopt extropian ideals defined
|more precisely and meaningfully.

I see no intrinsic value in calling myself ``extropian''. For me the name is irrelevant. The map is not the territory.

In the past, as I perceived the state of the world, extropianism required libertarian politics and transhumanism had no such constraint.

If the ExI people lifted that constraint, then would somebody please define the difference, if any, between extropianism and transhumanism?

If no difference exists any longer then

Transhumanism - the generic produce.
Extropianism - a brand name.