Re: >H Sort of test
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 19:09:05 EST


I agree that there is a strong memetic aspect to the question of how to deal with alternate worldviews (specifically religions). But I would suggest that any religion is not a single meme, but a large and convoluted meme complex, which has survived and evolved over many generations. There are many separate memes in a religion meme complex, many inter-related and some contradictory; some of these memes are pretty good (by Extropian standards), and others are terrible (by anyone's standards). I recommend trying to reinforce those positive memes and erode those negative memes, mostly through reason and example. Humanity has a thin veneer of reason which is hooked into a rather advanced, emotion-driven, survival machine. When dealing with those who are not >H, we need to take the initiative to provide a calm, safe, reflective environment which fosters reason, tolerance, and understanding. We need to connect with those of other views to work together on shared memes of values, and try to understand the basis of our differences. This sounds all warm and cuddly, but there is a pragmatic underpinning. In my opinion, everybody is a potential resource (me included) which can contribute to growth. Now, these resources can also be turned against growth. I want to maximize our support, ensure our freedom, and minimize our opposition. Being warm and cuddly is a good way to do that, especially when you are a new minority, which at this point in history is what >H are. Current society is barely aware of us, let alone sure how to deal with us. This is a critical point in the evolution of >H; what we do and say over the next decade or so will determine whether we will grow into an accepted way of life, or are persecuted as a danger to society. Personally, I want to tap into all that potential out there in humanity, not have to fight it. Turning against whole meme complexes will trigger a memetic immune reaction which could set back the
>H meme complex by many years. Instead, let us single out those few memes
which corrupt and twist any other memes they come into contact with, such as Absolutism, Infallibility, Intolerance, Genocide, etc. Those I will be happy to proclaim myself the enemy of, and to fight with all my might.