Re: GUNS: request for sources
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 00:40:57 EST

>I just got in an arguement with an antigun nut. He SAYS he's open to reason
>and would like some statistics. I don't beleive him but given the faint
>possibility that he might be telling the truth I was wondering if anyone on
>the list might tell me of some URL's that would be useful to me.

John Lott's recent book has really shaken up a lot of policy wonks. I doubt much of it is available on the web, though, except via purchase through Amazon or the like.

The Cato Institute has a ton of downloadable papers and a handy search engine to help you find just what you want. I recall reading a fine paper on gun control published circa 1990.

Facts seldom hurt an argument, but do not neglect the moral angle: We each of us have a duty to protect ourselves and our loved ones. To strip others of their rights to exercise that duty commits a grievous wrong. I think it wholly fair, moreover, to charge gun-grabbers with a sort of cowardly ignorance: Fearful of taking up the burden of self-defense, they wishfully imagine that they can avoid the problem by delegating that duty to third parties.

T.0. Morrow