Re: What Constitutes an Ideal Solution?

Aaron Davidson (
Sun, 7 Mar 1999 20:31:40 -0700

Imagine just trying to opt out of a social security program. This would take substantial effort to do it legally. The effort put into going against so much societal inertia would probably outweigh the returns you would get from opting out and having a private security program. The risks of doing it illegally are likely to outweigh the benefits as well. I suppose the only profitable way to opt out of one thing is to opt out of everything, and start from scratch. Of course, this would probably entail owning and starting your own country.

>Tentative Criteria for Ideal Solutions

Sounds good.

>They need to be communicable and profitable so they
>can be "rolled out" to create a better world, i.e.,
>other individuals can be inspired to also implement
>them to their own and general benefit.

Clarifying this last point:
A solution should be scalable. (Kant's categorical imperative) If everyone were to personally implement an ideal solution, the criteria should still hold true.

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