Re: GUNS: request for sources

Nick Nicholas (
Sun, 07 Mar 1999 23:03:57 +0000 wrote:
> I just got in an arguement with an antigun nut. He SAYS he's open to reason
> and would like some statistics. I don't beleive him but given the faint
> possibility that he might be telling the truth I was wondering if anyone on
> the list might tell me of some URL's that would be useful to me.
> EvMick
> Nashville Tenn.
What kind of info? The NRA can usually be helpful (

There is an interesting situation in Richmond , VA (USA) where "Right to Carry" is in effect along with a zero tolerance policy for gun crime-> Look around for the correlation between Right to Carry and reduced rates of robery, assult and rape. These types of crime have dropped by around 60% in Richmond with the combination of an armed civilian population and zero tolerance.

-Nick Nicholas