Re: Colonize Atlantis!

Anders Sandberg (
06 Mar 1999 16:53:36 +0100 writes:

> I was just thinking that a generation gap might be in order. Children do
> not always agree with their elders. Why not develop a few dissident groups
> who oppose libertarianism, and claim a right to determine a new future for
> Atlantis as their birthright.

Definitely! This is in fact one of the factors that has influenced many colonies in my scenario, with the second generation tending to disagree or change the values of the original colonists (see my other post for what happened on Jerusalem/Dionysos). Of course, the trouble with Atlantis is that nobody forbids you from having these views, it is just that it is a society with a lot of individualists that will not take them seriously.

> You could have a number of differing groups which would be a
> constant pain in the libertarian neck. Maybe even some
> terrorists/guerrillas.

As I have written up things right now, there have even been a few states. And there are definitely people who disagree with the Atlantean society (like the Rand monks, who think evil Kantian ideas have polluted it :-).

Guerrilas and terrorism might be of rather little use, since there is no central government to strike against - you might blow up someone's ranch, but that doesn't hurt anyone else. Besides, as you might expect there are a lot of people willing to defend their land and rights (most likely more people are accidentally hurt or killed on Gun Pride Day than any guerrila would manage to achieve :-). So the dissidents would have to find other means. Economic warfare, trying to set up some kind of monopoly?

> It would be interesting to play with various tactics and see how
> libertarian societies deal with them.

Definitely. This is something I think is great with roleplaying games, you can test out various scenarios in a controlled way.

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