Re: Is anyone interested in immortality for all?

Anders Sandberg (
05 Mar 1999 11:29:05 +0100

"Gina Miller" <> writes:

> Damien,
> How do you purpose to "tweak" the universe without delving into the
> nanoscale? Do you know what nanotechnology is comprised of?

I would certainly say Damien knows quite well what nanotechnology is about. Tweaking the universe will require operations on the exact opposite scale of nanotechnology: not just megascale engineering to merely move around planets and stars (as Dyson sketched it, this can be done without nanotechnology) but to reshape the mass distribution of the entire universe, possibly also engineering of the spacetime itself. In the final moments of the collapse, nanotechnology will also be far too crude - we will need picoscale technology and finally technology acting on the quantum gravity scale. Nanotechnology might make many of the intermediary steps simpler, but in the end Omega Point engineering requires technologies far outside this.

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