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At Thu, 4 Mar 1999 08:35:39 -0800 (PST), you wrote:
>>>A camera, installed in a public place, is responsible for
>>>apprehending a rapist, right here in the neighborhood. This
>>>is the clearest news-illustration of the classic modern dilemma:
>>>give up privacy in exchange for security? Or not? spike
>Since when is there any right to privacy in a public place?
>They can fill the streets with cameras as far as I'm concenred,
>as long as they don't put any in my house. Same goes for when
>I'm in someone else's house, or at work: my host or employer
>has all the rights, I have none.
>"Privacy" is nothing but a consequence of ordinary property
>rights, not something that requires special protection. I am
>surprized when some libertarians even go so far as to treat it
>as an entitlement that others should pay for, as when they
>support laws preventing businesses from using personal info
>they have received from their customers.
>TANSTAAFL: if you value privacy, you have to make your own.
For an interesting and thought-provoking cinematic treatment of precisely this issue, see the movie THE END OF VIOLENCE , rentable on VHS.
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