Re: Is This Kooky?

Michael S. Lorrey (
Thu, 04 Mar 1999 14:26:35 -0500

Brian D Williams wrote:

> From: "Michael S. Lorrey" <>
> >Considering that the US has been letting the Russians use our
> >early warning satellite feeds because their own systems are not
> >being maintained and are not reliable, and considering the large
> >number of Russian space program people who are out of work, (keep
> >in mind that to get things done over there, you have to be a
> >hacker) I think its highly likely that it was someone or a group
> >of someones like that. I also don't buy the denials of British
> >intelligence. The last thing they want is for more people to think
> >its possible, it will just entice more wannabes to make attacks.
> That reminds me:
> Not to mention HERF gun building ex EF111 jocks.......
> Round up the usual suspects....

Hey, I've got an alibi!

And I haven't even tried to communicate with a satellite since AmSat went up...;)

Mike Lorrey