Re: Point of View was Re: >H Sort of test

Anders Sandberg (
04 Mar 1999 20:38:55 +0100 writes:

> The point is that we were able to talk civilly about a highly charged
> controversy and almost agree on a resolution. Wouldn't it be more appropriate
> for legislators to talk civilly about broadening perspectives and resolving
> issues rather than bragging about defeating right or left wing extremists and
> other such subhuman ignoramuses?

Quite. We better find ways of people to discuss and think more rationally, and Hollian inqury might be one way. General Semantics and E-Prime is another, and then of course being educated in logic, epistemology and argumentation theory is helpful. The question is how to package this in easily learned bites. I have been thinking about writing children's stories about philosophy for some time now...

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