Re: Colonize Atlantis!

Anders Sandberg (
04 Mar 1999 19:52:50 +0100

Webb_S <> writes:

> The RPG Traveller2000 also was loaded with plausible near-future tech, alien
> ecologies, etc., but I haven't seen it in the stores recently.

You mean 2300AD? Loved it, the only game where you really needed the cube root on the calculator. Ah, I can still point out where the gaming group went on a starlit sky. Spent several years with my friends exploring it. Unfortunately it is out of print.

> I'd heard that Zeta2 Reticuli was a close binary, which ruled out earthlike
> planets. In my scenario I had the planet be the moon of a brown dwarf a la
> *Alien*, which made for a really neat environment/ecology since the planet
> (moon) was tidally-locked...

It might be a close binary, I haven't checked, ought to do it. I thought it is a rather distant binary with Zeta1 Reticuli.

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