Re: monica and bill show

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 08:35:39 -0800 (PST)

>>A camera, installed in a public place, is responsible for
>>apprehending a rapist, right here in the neighborhood. This
>>is the clearest news-illustration of the classic modern dilemma:
>>give up privacy in exchange for security? Or not? spike

Since when is there any right to privacy in a public place? They can fill the streets with cameras as far as I'm concenred, as long as they don't put any in my house. Same goes for when I'm in someone else's house, or at work: my host or employer has all the rights, I have none.

"Privacy" is nothing but a consequence of ordinary property rights, not something that requires special protection. I am surprized when some libertarians even go so far as to treat it as an entitlement that others should pay for, as when they support laws preventing businesses from using personal info they have received from their customers.

TANSTAAFL: if you value privacy, you have to make your own.

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