RE: META: Frequently Debated Topics

Billy Brown (
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 08:39:11 -0600

Jason Spencer wrote:
> There are certain central and less-than-central topics that
> are repeatedly
> brought up on this list. Perhaps we should compose a list of
> these topics
> and put it on the web, linked in to the list registration page. The
> intention would not be to discourage discussion of these
> topics on the list
> but to let people know that these topics should be approached
> thoughtfully
> and probably with essay-length submissions..
> If any of the long-time readers think that this would be
> useful, I'm sure
> you could rattle off a list of such topics better than I..

Now this is an idea I could see implementing. All it requires is a little space on the ExI Web server, a little HTML work, and some writing - no programming, no ongoing maintenance, and no dollar costs at all. I'm sure we could get volunteers to generate a list of "important, contentious issues", and to write a summary of each side's position on them.

Does ExI have the extra server space for such a project (I'd think <1 MB)? And does anyone at ExI have time to coordinate such a project?

Billy Brown, MCSE+I