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Wed, 3 Mar 1999 21:52:16 EST

In a message dated 3/3/99 4:46:48 PM, Lee Daniel wrote:

Even at the time, without hindsight, some arguments against the war were quite rational. Particularly the argument that if it were indeed a just war, why the limits? Why the secrecy? Why the deception of the public? Any time the government does something covertly, it should be questioned vigorously. >>

That's a fairly nuanced and balanced response, Lee Daniel. Thank you for the opportunity to have a reasoned discussion of this matter, something that is very rare in my experience, and yet, for me, it's very important as I still remember those days powerfully. I and many of my comrads (I recently joined the VFW) feel unappreciated, even wounded, by the lack of understanding and respect we received from our countrymen considering the sacrifices we made
(for our country and its citizens).

I agree that the limits placed on US military action caused much unecessary suffering and death among my cohort and the people of Southest Asia. In fact I think it was criminal on the part of our leaders.

However, only an innocent can question the need for secrecy in wartime. I hope you can keep your innocence forever, but in my mind, that very innocence disqualifies your judgement in the manner.

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